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2019 Message  
2019 marked a year of transition at Lower Trent Conservation (LTC). It began with the retirement announcement of the CAO, Glenda Rodgers after 29 years with LTC and the hiring of the new CAO in May. Sadly, in March, former Chair and Board member, Ray Benns passed away. In mid-April, all conservation authorities were notified of a drastic decrease in the provincial funding envelope that took effect immediately. LTC staff and Board members participated in preconsultation with the province on potential changes to the legislative mandate and regulations. 

During this transition year, Lower Trent Conservation staff accomplished a great deal including the successful launch of the Volunteers for Conservation Plan, the adoption and implementation of a new Information Management Classification Structure and Retention Policy, stewardship projects including buffer planting in the Murray Marsh Natural Habitat Area, improvement projects for Proctor Park Conservation Area and another successful year campaigning for donations and grant funding. We reached record high numbers for both development and planning applications in 2019. High water levels on Lake Ontario were a prominent focus of staff time and effort. 

Upon receipt of the new provincial direction on Conservation Authority mandates, we will confirm our roles with our municipal partners over the coming year to develop additional agreements to deliver their priority program areas. LTC has the capacity to find positive momentum forward as we transition to the new fiscal and regulatory realities. Our opportunities will continue to grow as we search for new and unique partnerships that can benefit all parties. 

We are pleased to present the following 2019 Annual Report to outline our accomplishments. These successes are reflective of the resiliency and pride that our staff possess and demonstrate daily.

Jim Alyea, Chair and Rhonda Bateman, Chief Administrative Officer

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