Lower Trent Conservation

Annual Report 

2016 Message
The success of our conservation program has always been heavily dependent on partnerships with all levels of government, non-government organizations, community groups, and individuals. The accomplishments of 2016 were achieved because of these partnerships, along with the ongoing commitment of our Board of Directors and 22-member staff team.

We will remember 2016 as the year of the drought. The long, dry summer and fall played havoc on surface water and groundwater supplies, drying up local wetlands and headwater streams.  It impacted everyday life for many residents and people’s livelihoods. The drought was a reminder of how precious our water resources are and the importance of protecting water and using it wisely.

A memorable moment in 2016 was a donation of $100,000 for each of the next three years in support of youth education and fundraising. With these new funds, we were able to reach more children – teaching them about the importance of water and to love the earth as their home. We also launched a Fund Development Program intended to support youth environmental education for years to come.

A number of court cases came to a successful conclusion in 2016. While Lower Trent Conservation strives to work cooperatively with landowners and developers, sometimes legal action is necessary to ensure our regulations are upheld and local water resources and wetlands are protected.
The highlights contained in this Report are a summary of the many things we achieved in 2016. We could not do our work without the support of our local community.
Ray Benns, Chair & Glenda Rodgers, Chief Administrative Officer

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