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2017 Message
While 2016 was the year of the drought, 2017 was the year of the flood! Following an extended spring freshet on the Trent River from March through May, water levels rose on Lake Ontario, reaching the highest levels recorded since 1918 and exceeding the 100 year flood levels.  A flood warning was in effect on Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte for 16 weeks – May 8 to August 25.

While staff were monitoring flood levels daily and responding to public concerns, there was also a surge of planning and regulations applications. Our education and outreach programs were also in full swing, which made for a busy spring, summer, and fall.

Lower Trent Conservation believes strongly in involving the public and other partners in our conservation work. Not only does it help reduce costs, but also helps instill a conservation ethic in all that are involved. An excellent example of team effort was our ‘Greening the Greenbelt’ Shoreline Habitat Project at Trenton Greenbelt Conservation Area. Funded by the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund, and with support of the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute, Trenton Rotary Club, and countless volunteers, Lower Trent Conservation planted 1,300 trees and shrubs along the Trent River to improve the ecology and aesthetics of the area, making it a more attractive area to visit.

We wrapped up the year with good news from the Province – the passing of an updated Conservation Authorities Act.  The modernized legislation will allow Conservation Authorities to strengthen their watershed management role. We look forward to working with the Province in 2018 as the role of Conservation Authorities evolves under the new Act.

Thank you to our municipalities, the Province, our volunteers and donors, and all our other partners for making 2017 another successful year for Lower Trent Conservation.

Jim Alyea, Chair & Glenda Rodgers, Chief Administrative Officer

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