Lower Trent Conservation


You can contact Lower Trent Conservation at the following:

  • Phone: 613-394-4829
  • Fax: 613-394-5226
  • Mailing Address:  714 Murray Street, R.R. 1 Trenton, Ontario, K8V 5P4
  • Email: General Inquiries (for property specific inquiries, please use the Property Inquiry Service)

You can contact our staff directly by e-mail, or by dialing 613-394-3915 at the extension noted below. For an email address, add the person's first and last names, separated by a DOT, to @ltc.on.ca. (Example: john.smith@ltc.on.ca)

Glenda Rodgers CAO/Secretary-Treasurer Ext 212

Corporate Services

Kelly Vandette Manager, Corporate Services Ext 215
Marilyn Bucholtz Communications & Outreach Coordinator Ext 216
Anna Morgan Finance & Information Technician (use general inquiries email)
Ext 210
Jeffrey Meyer Information Technology Specialist Ext 218
Sandi Ramsay
Conservation Fundraising Specialist
Ext 247

Watershed Science & Services
Janet Noyes Manager, Development Services & Water Resources Ext 211
Emma Perry
Watershed Services Technician Ext 224
Leah Stephens
Environmental Planner/Regulations Officer
Ext 220

Ewa Bednarczuk

Ecology & Stewardship Specialist Ext 252
Anne Anderson Special Projects Coordinator Ext 219
Brittany Barkes Source Protection Risk Management Official/Inspector
Ext 250
Corinne Harris
Environmental Education Technician   Ext 251

Conservation Lands
Mike Lovejoy Manager, Conservation Lands


Frank Cherrier Conservation Lands Maintenance Technician 392-5073

Bay of Quinte Remedial Action Plan
Sarah Midlane-Jones Community Outreach Specialist Ext 214

Shan Mugalingam            

Technical Specialist        

Ext 213

Gage Comeau
Database Technician
Ext. 225

Drinking Water Source Protection

Chris Wilkinson
Source Protection Program Coordinator Ext 246
Emily De Cloet Source Protection Program Assistant
Ext 245