Lower Trent Conservation

Tree Seedling Program

We have approximately 15,000 seedlings available of 24 different species of native trees and wildlife shrubs for the 2018 spring tree planting season. Order early to ensure the best species selection!


Minimum Order 

  • Seedlings come in bundles of 10; all orders must be placed in multiples of 10 per species.
  • Conifers are $1.00/seedling; deciduous trees and shrubs are $1.25/seedling.
  • All orders are subject to a $10.00 administration, shipping and handling fee.


  • You will be invoiced by email for your order starting April 1, 2018.
  • Payment by credit card, cash or cheque (payable to Lower Trent Conservation) will be accepted in advance, or at pick up.

Order Pick-up 

  • You will be notified by email when, and where, your tree seedlings will be ready for pick-up (usually late April).
  • Pick-up times will be scheduled during two (2) days during the week only.
  • All species will be labeled. 
  • Seedlings are only a foot or two tall and packaged in big paper or plastic bags. A car or pick-up truck will be sufficient to accommodate your order when taking it home.

Please keep in mind 

  • We usually start taking orders around November 1st for the following spring and this is when there is the best selection.  Orders are taken on a first come first served basis.  As seedling species become sold out, you will see "SOLD OUT" on the order form.
  • By placing an order, you agree to pay for, pick up, and plant the tree seedlings.
  • As the seedlings are bare root stock, plan to plant as soon as possible after they have been picked up.
  • Instructions are available for proper hand planting if needed. A tree planter is also available for rent ($50/day) – a tractor is required to pull it. 
  • Tree survival is affected by many factors such a weather and ground conditions – there is no tree survival guarantee.
  • Species availability varies from year to year.  You will be notified if ordered seedlings are not available and substitutes will be offered if possible.