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Drinking Water Source Protection

Water is critical to all aspects of our lives and it is important that we ensure there is a safe and reliable source of water for all our uses - now and in the future. In 2000, the Walkerton tragedy showed us how vulnerable our drinking water can be when not managed properly. The provincial government made a commitment to the citizens of Ontario by passing the Clean Water Act in 2006 to protect the sources of drinking water supplies throughout Ontario.

We have now moved from the planning stage to implementation of the Trent Source Protection Plan directing local efforts in keeping our sources of municipal water clean. The plan was developed on science form the assessment reports.

For more information on significant drinking water threats to your municipal water check out these Fact Sheets:


Check out our video for a brief overview of Source Protection. Click here.


The task of developing protection plans was guided by the Trent Conservation Coalition Source Protection Committee, a multi-stakeholder committee comprised of municipal, special interest group and business sectors, and First Nations across the region.  The Trent Conservation Coalition Source Protection Region extends across the Trent/Ganarasksa River watersheds, covering a 14,500 square kilometre area stretching from Algonquin Park to Lake Ontario and the Bay of Quinte.

Lower Trent Conservation partnered with the four other Conservation Authorities within the source protection planning region (Crowe Valley, Ganaraska Region, Kawartha Region and Otonabee) to assist the Committee with the development of the source protection plans.  Lower Trent Conservation, as the Lead partner, manages the administrative and financial aspects of the program and oversees the  work of the source water protection project team.                                 

The Risk Management Official (RMO) will contact you if you require a risk management plan. You may also be referred to the risk management official by municipal planning and/or building departments if you are planning a future activity that require a risk management plan.

For general inquiries please contact:                                                                                                        

Anne Anderson 
(613) 394-3915 ext 219
To learn more about the Clean Water Act and source protection planning within the Trent Conservation Coalition Source Protection Region, go to the Trent Conservation Coalition Source Protection Region  website.